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Things our partners do in bed that make us cringe

My London escorts friends and I went out for lunch the other day, and we started to talk about all the things our partners do in bed that make us cringe. I know guys, it is hard to believe that a bunch of London escorts from and a former London escorts, actually find things that make us cringe, but we do. Mind you, I quickly pointed out to my escorts in London friends that I have managed to train my husband pretty well, but there are still a few slip ups. However, my fellow London escorts, I still consider myself an honorary part of a London escorts agency, and I had decided that there are a few things that our men folk do in bed that make us cringe. I am sure that many other ladies feel exactly the same way as London escorts do, but perhaps they don't talk about it quite frankly. Toe sucking There were ten of us around the table, and I can't say that any of us were really into toe sucking but yet our men think that we should enjoy that for some reason. This is one thing that my husband used to do, and I had to stop to. Having my toes sucked as part of the sex act, does nothing for me and I don't know where he got the idea from. Perhaps he had a former girl friend who liked but ten London escorts saying the same thing seemed a bit strange. Could it be it is one of those things that men do when they don't know what else to do. Such something else my darling but not my toes. Hands and fingers where they do not belong One of the London escorts said that her boyfriend likes to stick the top of his middle finger in her anus when they are having sex. Yuck, the rest of us thought. Where did he get that idea from? Anyway, we told Cynthia that this had a cringe factor of 10, and she should make him stop. He apparently claims that he finds it easier to come when she lets him to that. The final conclusion of this sexual habit was - change your style, mate. This probably doesn't turn a lot of ladies on and the thought of it certainly made me cringe. Putting his hands around your throat One of the London escorts said that here former boyfriend used to like putting her hands around her throat. That not only made her cringe but panic as well. This is a very peculiar fetish that can lead to disastrous consequences, and you may want to think twice before continuing a relationship with a man like that. Cringe factor of 10 plus, and please be very careful if you come across a partner who seems to be in this. Of course, there are many other "cringey" things that men do as well but that would make a very long list. Unshaved chin rubbed against bare belly doesn't not feel nice neither, just so you know boys.

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