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Should we be getting scientific about sex, or should we just let it all remain a bit of a mystery?

We all know that our hormones play a vital role in getting excited and horny, but there must be something else as well. Cheap London escorts from say that they are sure there is a lot more at play and when we take a look at we certainly find that London escorts are right. There is a lot more to sex, getting turned on and a bit hot under the collar. But what are the other factors that can influence our bodies?

Most of us remember the movie with Al Pacino called Scent of a Woman. In the film, he plays a blind man who can deduce a lot from smell or scent. The film provided us with an interesting fact - it proved to London escorts how important the sense of smell is to us. For instance, our sense of smell can tell us when another person is turned on, according to London escorts. The fantastic thing is that we don't even need to say to our brains to do it. Our brains are so creative that they automatically recognize the associated scent.

Sight - the scientific theory is that all humans are animals that hunt by sight as well. It would explain why our eyes are situated on the top of our heads. London escorts say that specific sight signals can trigger the turn-on factor as well, and we may not even know what they are. It would explain why some gents prefer dating blonde London escorts while other gents like to date brunette London girls. The sight factor is one of the reasons. Of course, skin tone and the clothes that we wear can also trigger this part of our brain.

Touch - most London escorts would argue that communication is perhaps the most critical factor. When we are touched, all our senses awaken, and the impressions from other substances are increased. Therefore the importance of touch should never be underestimated, and we should understand, say London escorts, communication can introduce a real feel-good factor in our lives. Should we touch more? We probably should, and if you check out people on the continent, you will notice that they feel a lot more. Kissing and hugging is part of their culture in many different ways. They use it to express affection and love.

All of our senses communicate lots of different things daily. We often undervalue our minds and may not even appreciate that they occasionally send us warning signals. That sense of that does not feel right is a familiar feeling that we don't very often pay attention to. We try to rationalize it away or convince ourselves that it isn't happening. Perhaps we should learn to listen to our senses more. The fact is that our minds would help to make us better human beings, and maybe we end up experiencing more love as a result.

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