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Sex and Relationships by Shoreditch Escorts


There are a lot of different opinions about sex and relationships; for some people it is little more than a side matter, while for others little else matters. Most experts will agree, however, that sex is of considerable importance and for a wide variety of reasons, these including the following says Shoreditch Escorts from


Few other reasons for having sex are as important as the connection it creates. There is a level of intimacy that is created when two individuals see each other naked. Many a couple (or former couple) can attest to coming under powerful waves of attraction for one another, only for their interest to fade once the sexual chemistry failed to materialize. Others have spoken of finding their bond strengthening as a result of the sparks they experienced in bed.


Sex is a great stress reliever, more effective than most; following a hard day’s work, sex might be the one thing that injects a new spring in your step after you return home; in this manner, sex gives two individuals the opportunity to meet one another’s needs, the resulting dependency leading to greater levels of intimacy.


Sex is a pretty effective medicament; research has determined that an organism every 24 hours will contribute to one’s health. Sex (on a regular basis) will combat cardiovascular illnesses and keep prostate cancer away. In a way, regular sex allows a couple the opportunities to help one another live longer.


Sex is often a rigorous activity and there are health benefits to be gained as a result; in fact research has revealed that half an hour of sexual activity can burn up to 150 calories, making sex a fun yet fruitful exercise to indulge in within a relationship.

-Self Esteem

Sex boosts confidence for everyone involved in a relationship. It provides both parties a healthy dose of self esteem that they are capable of fulfilling their partner’s desires so effectively. And an increase in self esteem and confidence can only allow a relationship to progress down healthier and more intimate paths.


Sex boosts libido; simply put, the more sex you have, the more sex you want. It is a healthy cycle to initiate, within which the two parties in a relationship are gaining increasing levels of desire for one another’s sexual company. And it doesn’t even matter how good you are at intercourse. Regular sex makes you eager for more.


The city of London think Sex is a fun activity to engage in with one’s partner. And, most people will agree, it will make both you and your partner happier. That much is a certainty.



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